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Helping Build The Future of the Blue Ridge...


Thank you for logging into our newly designed website highlighting the work and service of the Foundation’s Mission to provide supplemental educational funding to Blue Ridge School and Early College (Pre-K through 12) with an optional 13th year for advanced college credits. We invite you to browse through the various tabs of the site to review the funding grants made to the school supporting “under budgeted” needs of the administration and faculty for the advanced academic achievement of students.

The Foundation was founded in 2002 and was issued a determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service in December 2010 recognizing Blue Ridge School Education Foundation Incorporated as tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(C)3. The Foundation is administered by a totally volunteer board of directors who are elected based on their experience with children and commitment to better public schooling. Funding for grants awarded to the school come from proceeds of the Annual Nashville Songwriters’ Round and from generous corporate and individual donors who support our mission.

We appreciate your taking a few minutes to review the site and encourage you to support the Foundation’s efforts to expand the educational experiences for the students and staff in order to achieve and maintain a world class education environment at Blue Ridge School AND Blue Ridge Early College.


Carl O. Hyde

Helping Build the Future of the Blue Ridge...

A Message From Jackson County Public Schools

From The JCPS Superintendent

Thank you for the partnership and vision we share to assist all students in becoming well rounded, academically successful life-long learners. The foundation has provided a wealth of resources for Blue Ridge School PK-13 during my tenure in Jackson County as your Associate Superintendent and Superintendent. These resources include funding, time, visioning, mentoring, and tutoring...

- Dr. Kimberly Elliot, Superintendent

A Message From Blue Ridge School

From The BRS Principal

We serve approximately 193 students in grades Pre-K through 6 and share a campus with Blue Ridge Early College. We take pride in the fact that we are a small campus, which allows us to really get to know our students, their families and other stakeholders in our community. Together, we make up a school family of 100% highly qualified faculty, skilled support staff, talented and creative students, involved, supportive parents, and motivated community members and agencies. We are a family committed to creating a safe, caring, positive, and challenging learning environment for our students that will help us meet our common goal - providing students with an educational foundation that will help prepare them for the challenges of school and life in the 21st Century, here at Blue Ridge and beyond.

As a campus, we believe that the foundation for a positive, productive school environment is respect. Together, we have pledged to show Bobcat Pride by showing respect for learning, property, ourselves, and one another. By respecting one another and the goals of the school as a whole, we can create an environment where students can learn and grow in a positive community that supports learning for all students!

As the principal, I firmly believe in the proverb, "It takes a whole village to raise a child." I value the input and support of all interested parties, and am committed to working with all stakeholders to provide our students with the greatest educational opportunities possible. I welcome you to browse through our website to find ways in which we can help support you, as well as ways in which you can become more involved here at Blue Ridge. Together, we will make a difference!

- Teri Walawender, Principal

A Message From Blue Ridge Early College

From The BREC Principal

Principal Brent Speckhardt

For 3 of the past 10 years, Southwestern has been named in the top ten community colleges among the 980 in the United States. All credits earned while students are dually enrolled transfer to any other state college or university in North Carolina. Students who earn Associate's Degrees during high school years have the opportunity of transferring to any other State university as juniors. For those who need extra time, the invitation to stay in Blue Ridge Early College for a 13th year is extended.

Most importantly, all students in grades 7-13 are eligible to participate, and there is no cost to families for tuition or books. Beyond the 12th and 13th years, the Blue Ridge School Education Foundation and generous donors are privileged to provide $47,600 in scholarships for further study making it possible for all educational dreams to come true.

- Brent Speckhardt, Principal, Blue Ridge Early College

A Message From Southwestern Community College

From The SCC President

"Southwestern Community College is proud to offer all Blue Ridge Early College students an opportunity to complete up to two years of college credit - up to and possibly including associate degrees - at the same time as they earn their high school diplomas."

- Dr. Don Tomas, President SCC